Ironman complete! Off to Bangkok

We hired a campervan and headed up to Port Macquarie for the ironman. It was awesome having the ability to park up where ever and stay the night. Our first night we parked up at the beach and let the sound of rolling waves put us to sleep.


We had a refreshing swim in the morning before getting everything sorted for Ironman the next day. We managed to park 50meters from the start line of ironman which made it pretty easy to get to in the morning! I completely underestimated my ability to swim,  and jumped in the slow group that started last. This meant I was banging into people the entire swim. A heap easier than I expected! The cycle seemed to go on for ever and, me and my backside were quite glad to get onto the marathon.


I took it slow and steady through the run.. possibly too much so, leaving me with plenty of energy at the end of the race for a sprint finish!

Now we are all back in sydney spending our last night here. We just finished a classy dinner at the Opera house and thought we would finally post something in this blog.


Accommodation in thailand is booked for the first couple of weeks, so
we have a rough idea of where we will be.



We managed to catch up with Charmaine while in Sydney too!

3 thoughts on “Ironman complete! Off to Bangkok

  1. Awesome! Love the pics and the updates 😉 Be safe and keep having lots of blessed fun 😉 God blesses, char 😉 xo

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