The northern Vietnam experience

Northern Vietnam was quite an adventure! We headed from the east in Lang Son, and headed to Cao Bang, Ha Gaing and then an epic journey to Sapa. Along the way we stopped at a completely amazing waterfall on the boarder of China. I decided to swim over to China for a quick look. Nice it was.

IMG_2108 IMG_2120 IMG_2129

The ride from Ha Gaing was impossibly hard. The roads were non exsistant in a decent section of the ride, our bums needed a rest half way through the ride so we decided to spend the night in some tiny wee village that had a guest house to stay in.

Sapa is a town that is located up in the mountains, so it is cold and wet all year round. It was a pretty big change for us coming from 35 degree heat to something below 20 degrees. We booked a 2 day hike up Fansipan mountain which is 3143 meters above sea level. We camped out at 2800 meters above sea level which was not as cold as we thought it would be.

20140715_125951 20140715_160645 20140716_073016 0

Our tour guide that took us up the mountain, took us to his village and got Matt to try on some of the local threads. With some bling bling of course.

20140716_16085920140716_1537512014-07-16 15.56.44

We also visited Love waterfalls which were spectacular! cold! We went for a quick dip, but couldn’t stay in long.


We are now in Dien Bien Phu for one night before riding to Laos. Well, we will give it our best try. We are still not sure if the boarder patrol will let us take our bikes through! So tomorrow will be an interesting day! It is also going to be Matt’s birthday. So hopefully the day goes smoothly.

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