The Bamboo experience and a taste of home

It has been a while since our last post and in that time we have been busy!
After relaxing in the north of Thailand in Chiang Mai and Pai, we made our way down the country to Bangkok. I had to head into Burma very briefly for a visa, it was wild, all 15min of my Burma experience was made up of getting hassled to buy cigarettes. I cant wait to go back and properly check it out! Matt and Ian went up to Chiang Rai to see the White Temple. It looked incredible in the photos and I was very jealous to have missed out. I decided to buy the CBR 250 from the bike shop we hired the bikes from. He gave me a sharp deal and I quite like the bike.

The boys flew from Chiang Rai to Bangkok on Bangkok airways which were amazing. They had a very good experience with the airline and highly recommended them. I took the road from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. 700km in one day. It makes a big difference being on a faster bike!

We headed from Bangkok to the Bamboo school which is located in Kanchanaburi. West of Bangkok. For those of you who don’t know, the Bamboo school, was set up by a kiwi lady 15 years ago to help out kids who have no where else to go. Who’s parents are either dead or have abandon them.

After arriving at the school, we were straight into it! Cutting grass, building a sala, replacing flooring in the girls dorm, it was all go!

image-10b2f243585e34a07c192f9c8297c1e3d8114ab183f6a227e55d47e791f3b62d-V2014-09-18 17.54.55image-1a518526c41436cda971a0c993e592dea7812945a5adcd412f097cd7b7e89555-V

Unfortunatly I had to fly back to New Zealand after only 1 week at the school, for my brothers wedding. I was already in love with the kids! So it was hard to say good bye. But it is good to be home for a short time. The wedding went very well. And it is good to catch up with people here.

Matt and Ian are still back at the school working hard and keeping busy! They had a practice car crash the other day. As the Bamboo school is also part of the volunteer ambulance crew in the area, they are, at times required to train up people in order to be ready to deal with certain emergency situations.

They can be quite graphic! But remember it is all fake.. in this instance!

image-17b9f22cbdc1b35881fa9410dd974479306fd4c26eab2de7cd0c21f0668d4be3-V image-418c87b3b18c4d8e9c2ee8425c5950f8b9b8379573e52c9efe5120b0c02f0372-V image-569a3054f67d554168d0ff726ff56fc83b33651b964e14f863ec3a533bd4e5c6-Vimage-340dfdcf4b25cb44380630c557f897a32778f2eeb7c6631d41901a2cf27491c8-V image-a8c8c776eb61ed4a6653a29d345a8f5095486c3c02771981f366a73a3ec83ffa-V

The boys are loving their time there, with something new every day to keep them on their toes!






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