The beautiful Ko Lanta

After 5 days of rain on Koh Phi Phi we decided to head to Ko Lanta. It just so happened that the sun also decided to come with us that day. So Matt and I quite possibly over cooked ourselves on the first 2 days on Ko Lanta leaving us a bit red. The island had a very different feel to it than Koh Phi Phi. It was much larger and actually had roads you could drive on!

Matt and I went to the number one attraction on the island according to trip advisor. Which was a well established animal shelter. They had about 60 cats and 20 dogs there. It was a really nice place run by a local lady with a passion for helping animals. It was also run by volunteers from all over the world. We took 2 dogs out for a walk/run to the beach, one of the dogs (Sundae) was petrified of sand, so his beach trip was rather short. None the less we had a really pleasant time playing with the animals while we were there




On our second day there we met two lovely ladies from China, one was originally from Holland, but lived in China. So we spent the day exploring the island with them on some hired scooters.


Ko Lanta really had a laxed island vibe about it. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. It was a shame to leave.


Matt and I headed off to Phuket so he could catch his flight back to New Zealand and Ian headed for Krabi international airport headed for Burma. The Wolfpack has finally come to an end. It has been good traveling with these boys and I hope it isn’t too long till we all catch up again.

I headed from Phuket back to the bamboo school to help out there. We did some intense gardening at the lame house. The kids are all on holidays and not at all being left with idle hands. We managed to clear a huge section of weeks and thick bush getting ready for dry season and eventually some planting.




It was really nice spending time with the kids once again. But as I am a nomad I had to move on once again. I am now in Bangkok headed for Burma tomorrow with a friend from Belgium. I am really looking forward to Burma. With its ancient history and natural beauty it will be an amazing place to visit! I’m told the Internet there is terribly slow so my next update may be a while off. Lucky I don’t do them that often!

One thought on “The beautiful Ko Lanta

  1. Loving reading all your stories! So glad you’ve got an adventuring heart and a big ready smile to make the most of each day! We’re in Hue today, glad you taught me to pronounce it correctly, otherwise we’d never have made it! X

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