Our final stop in Myanmar. And what a stop it was

After 2 days in Mawlamyine we decided to head north to Hpa an. We originally wanted to spend 3 days in a meditation center south of Mawlamyine but unfortunately they only accept people who stay for 10 days or longer now.

We caught the local bus from Mawlamyine which cost $1 but was slow, hot and packed with people. We arrived in Hpa an around 7pm and we’re dropped off outside the most expensive hotel in town. We quickly found a tuktuk and headed to the slightly cheaper part of town. It just so happens that we stumbled upon the best place in town with excellent value for money. Golden sky. We had a decent sized room with private bathroom and our own balcony. Also a shared balcony over looking a river and mountain. All for $20 a night!


Our first day there we did absolutely nothing. Just soaked in the view of the mountain and read a book. Flying through the country as fast as we did took it out of us. So it was some well needed rest.
We did a tour of the town the next day with 4 other German tourists which cut our costs down significantly. We saw some caves and many Buddha’s. One garden had 1121 Buddha’s in it.





Hpa an town itself was nice. Sleepy with not a lot going on. Food was a bit of an issue. By this point we have had nothing but rice and fried veggies so we were craving fresh ingredients and a slightly different menu selection. San ma tau was the most popular place to eat. With 10 free dips and 3 free dessert options. The place was run by Karen people.


We headed back to Yangon after 4 nights in Hpa an. Decided to treat ourselves to an incredibly tasty Italian dinner at the Napoli Cafe. Our most expensive meal by far but worth it.

Just touched down in Bangkok after our 1 hour flight from Yangon. We are heading to Chiang Mai and Pai for the next week or so. I’m looking forward to getting on my motorbike again!

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