It’s self improvement month here in Ubud didn’t you know?

This post might be vastly different from what you are used to reading here, but check it out anyway if you want.

There is just something about Ubud. It might just be the circles I travel in, but it definitely has given me the urge to learn more about life and how to better deal with difficult situations life throws at me.

Everyone I seem to meet here has set me on a path of self discovery. Whether they just pose a question about why I think the way I think, or they show me a different way to process thoughts.

My neighbours are lovely, one runs a very delicious food blog

which has been the source for many of the creations in our kitchen.
And the other a successful podcast about working through pivotal points in life. Transitioning into the next stage of life.

It is so encouraging to see ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Many people I have bumped into here are creating businesses and being successful by persevering and going after what they want.

I have also seen a reoccurring theme of people wanting to help others become more aware of their thoughts and feelings and being able to first recognize them. Then to take control of them and stop them from becoming harmful.

I have been very interested in self development and in figuring out why I am the way I am. What effect my upbringing has had on me, what effect society has had on me etc.. it has been interesting working through it all.

A personal example.
I have always had thoughts of insecurity, of never being good enough. Of not being loved or accepted for who I am. For some reason I am confronted by them here in Ubud. Almost like, the air here brings to the surface all your inner demons and also your strongest qualities. After really recognizing these feelings, sitting down and writing down how I feel and how I want to feel, I am able to shift that feeling inside me to realize it is completely false! To acknowledge those feelings in the first place is most certainly the hard part.

Every day more things seem to crop up in my psyche. Issues I need to address. It is quite interesting. Many different emotions come out. It may sound a bit hippie or a bit out there, but it is just what happens here. It’s not uncommon to see people crying after a yoga or meditation class.

It has been the place I have learnt the most about myself during this trip. It is exciting!

Aside from the inward journey, I am also learning how to salsa! Charissa is very good at salsa dancing and also teaching! So I have been taking classes with her and another friend. It is early days bit I am already loving it and feeling much more confident on the dance floor!

It wouldn’t be a proper post without a photo. Here is sunset by the swimming pool at our villa

One thought on “It’s self improvement month here in Ubud didn’t you know?

  1. Awesome to hear mate! That is what travelling and other cultures is really about….a journey of self discovery and awareness, opening yourself to the true meaning of life and discovering other paradigms outside of the way the western world works (economics, consumerism etc). Can’t wait to start my journey!

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