All in all, Cambodia was a bit of alright.  I didn’t enjoy the cities at all, but the smaller towns were a real delight. The people were a good mix of friendly and rude. I think tourism has not had much of a positive effect on the country. I still enjoyed it for what it was. After Kampot I went to Sihanoukville and Battambang before heading back to Bangkok.

I am back at the bamboo school for a bit to help out with some construction work. I went back to Bangkok for Songkran festival (Thai New Year) it was mental! The first night of the celebration I went out with a few friends to Khao San road where about 5000 other people were. Almost all locals. Everyone was squirting each other with pistols, or buckets of water. It was like reliving my childhood! One of the guys I went with bought a water canon. He gave it to me to use and I couldn’t resist! Blasting people square in the face and getting away with it. I was giggling like a little girl.  It was so funny seeing people’s reactions. It is all totally acceptable to be a complete monkey!


The next day was my birthday. I decided to take my bike for a spin around the city and up to Ayutthaya  (The old capital of Thailand) I had never been before and it had always interested me to see all the old ruins and temples there. It was quite mystical and special. Not many tourists at all. Mainly locals, paying homage to the many statues of Buddha.


I headed back to Bangkok proper and relaxed in the afternoon. A very low key birthday indeed. Lukai took me out for dinner then we had an early night. Good to be low key on your birthday I think.


I’m back at the school now. It turns out, I am the bathroom man! I love creating bathrooms so I guess it’s a good think. It’s good to be back creating stuff again. I’ve really missed work. That might sound crazy to most people. But I really love  my job! So any chance I get to make something, I’m right in there!

In less than a week I’ll be jetting off to Europe! So I’m trying to make the most of this warm weather before I need to rug up!

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