Highway to the Dangerzone

Last time we touched base we were had experienced a few crazy days of riding. We weren’t quite out of the woods yet. Our trip from Sam Nuea to Phonsavan was nice. The roads were a bit dodgy but definitely ride-able.

We checked out some very ancient pots in Phonsavan. Said to be made around the same time period of the stone henge. The pots are believed to have been used as burial urns. The tourist site has been sponsored by the New Zealand government. It was interesting seeing silver ferns on every sign.

2014-07-24 11.07.31 2014-07-24 12.19.42 2014-07-24 12.20.08

After spending 2 nights there, we headed to Luang Prabang which was quite a decent days riding, 260km on our wee bikes. We started off going quite well, putting decent kms behind us until the rain started. Now, the roads here are really nice. So good for riding, but with a small bit of water on them, it is like riding on black ice! It made things very slow going, and even still Matt and I ended up taking advantage of the water slide-like qualities of the road, and sliding around a corner. We got to Luang Prabang and the rain had stopped.

The town has to be one of my favourite places in South East Asia thus far. It is so relaxed, the people are very friendly and a lot of the tourists seem to be more into hiking and kayaking as opposed to drinking and partying which makes for a change. Buffet style vegetarian food for $1.50 every night. You cant go wrong! An incredible waterfall just 30km from the town centre.

2014-07-27 16.03.11 2014-07-27 15.15.47

2014-07-25 20.28.05


We spent 3 days there before heading north to a place called Nong Khiaw which was set up for people who are into adventures! We went on a day trip kayaking down the fast flowing Nam Ou river. The river is so high at the moment that there really wasn’t anything that you needed to avoid. How ever there were these rogue whirl pools which seemed to come out of no where and spin you if you weren’t paddling hard enough which kept us alert.

20140729_114720 20140729_114353

We headed off on a 2 day trek the next day, we asked the guide to make it a bit more difficult than the ones on offer, so he decided to take us on an “inspection tour”. It was pretty hectic, bush bashing through jungle. Our guide quite literally cutting a path for us to walk over a mountain. It was a heap of fun!


We headed back to Luang Prabang for another couple of nights, I headed to a very nice relaxing yoga class to end the day. This place is set up for cruisers. We are now in Vang Vieng which is directly south of Luang Prabang. We have only been here a few hours so its too early to tell how we will find it. I have heard many good things about it!

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