Underwater adventures in Sabang

After 3 nights in Manila it was time to head to the beach! I caught a bus south to Batangas port and jumped on a ferry headed to Sabang. I did absolutely no research about the place and had no idea where I was going, but a man I met in the pier said it had good diving and that was enough for me.

When I was on the ferry on the way there, I met an American man named Tim who was also traveling around south east Asia and now here in the Philippines. We got chatting and decided it would be a good idea to get a place together to make it cheaper.

On arrival on the island we got a perfect deal. A house with 2 separate bedroom and a kitchen!

We also managed to find a cheap dive shop that did dives and equipment hire for 1000 pesos.($30 NZD ) Frontier diving it was called. We met an expat and he showed us the night life there. It was definitely a far stretch from the tranquil spiritual life I had experienced in Ubud. It seemed like the majority of the tourists here, were 50-60 year old men wanting to sleep with the very young prostitutes. It was all very much shoved in your face in Sabang.

Tim and I didn’t pay much head to it as we spent most of our time in the ocean seeing all sorts of amazing creatures!






I tried to get the entire cast of finding Nemo, but unfortunately there were no sharks about.

We checked out White beach which was 30 min from Sabang. Am incredible beach! I got a 4 hand massage there which turned into 6 hands briefly. Value for money I say.



Sabang was all a bit much for me. So I got a bike for a day to tour the island and find a place more to my liking. About 5 min from the main town Perto Galera I found a super chilled out place called Dulangan beach. I found accommodation for a very reasonable price. And decided to stay a week!

I am keeping busy by sun bathing, running, writing, reading and playing pool. Life is good!

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