What a wonderful world.

After we all separated and headed our different ways, Coraline and I headed down to Dumagete on Negros island. It was a 5 hour bus ride from Cebu city but worth the trip!

Dumagete has the feel of a small town not too overly crowded but has all the facilities of a larger city. We stayed a few days there and checked out an amazing waterfall. It was set in such a tranquil place. Far from anything, it was a bit of a hike to get there but well worth it.



We ended up just sitting at the base of the waterfall for a few hours and chatting. Something about the area, just had a good energy. Very relaxing. I had to extend my visa as I have decided to stay a bit longer in the Philippines. It is pretty easy to stay for another few months. It’s just $60 for a visa.

We headed off to Apo island the next day on the smallest boat! The sea wasn’t exactly calm that day either so I had to get a photo of the boat before we left. We did make it although the small waves washed over the boat the whole trip.


Apo island was so gorgeous! I was there 5 minutes before I fell in love with it. We went out snorkeling shortly after arriving and saw some turtles playing around in the water before am amazing sunset.


Apo island is famous for diving and seeing plenty of turtles. The next day when we went out, we saw so many turtles at one point it was hard to dodge them all! They were everywhere! Eating all the seaweed and enjoying the warm water.

An awesome part about Apo island is that the electricity only runs for 3 hours a day in the evening. And during that time, everyone is at the karaoke bar singing it up! 9.30pm and everything is dead silent. We went out one night for some singing. It is so much fun!
I had to leave after only a couple of nights there unfortunately. I had booked a flight to Palawan. And it was the cheapest one that week. So I had to really get a move on back up to Cebu!

Random selfie

Again parting ways with new friends is hard. But it is a part of travel I guess.

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