Palawan, the gem of the Philippines

When I arrived back in Cebu at the wonderful Le village hostel, I bumped into a German guy I had met in Malapascua. It is a small world here! It turns out we were on the same flight the next day. So we got to chatting and ended up meeting another 2 people that were also on our flight. This hostel was the place to network!

On arrival in Puerto Princessa on Palawan island, it was a 6 hour van ride to our next destination in El Nido. And what a ride it was. They managed to squeeze 15 people into the van and all our luggage. It was a tight fit!

El Nido was well worth the ride! Crystal clear waters, beautiful white sand beaches and beautiful people. I met up with Gentiana  who I had originally met in Boracay. (It is a small world) We went island hopping around to some spectacular sights! It is truly paradise here in the Philippines



I made friends with a couple from Germany and Austria, they moved into the hut next to us and we kinda had a little family going. Our other neighbour’s were 2 dutch guys, Jimmy and Delano who were a lot of laughs! We all got to hang out in the small town together. It was sad to leave when we all went separate ways. But I hope we all get to catch up again. The down side to traveling is meeting amazing people and then having to say good bye.


I also met up with a kiwi lady I had met in Malapascua, Caroline! One of the only kiwis I have met in the Philippines. We were both headed in the same direction so we went down to Port Barton,  a very small port town on the west coast. We have electricity for 5 hours a day in the evening and beautiful beaches to hang out on during the day.



We went on an island hop yesterday and saw some of the most amazing, vibrantly coloured coral I have ever come across. We also found a nice island with BABY SEA TURTLES! That was most certainly a highlight. We found out we can spend the night there also so we went back today to sleep in some hammocks on the beach and relax in the sun.




The island we stayed on was actually magic. If baby turtles weren’t enough, there was a moonless night sky which meant an abundance of stars out, a bonfire on the beach and fluorescent plankton! It was my first experience with them so I completely lost it. Dancing around in the water at night. Lighting up the water like that scene in “the beach”. It was truly paradise!

I guess it is easy to have a sunny disposition in such an incredible place. But I am still reminding myself daily to be thankful for the opportunity of being able to be here to see such amazing stuff. Just realizing every moment that life is beautiful, has really made the trip even better!



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