Lyon to Switzerland

After an epic journey across country I arrived in Lyon. I was instantly struck by the amazing buildings they had there wish so many impressive chapels and cathedrals scattered around the city. It was a bit of a mission to find some free parking, but I managed to find something 5km from the city. So it was a good way to exercise and save money at the same time, a win win! I headed first to the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere set apon a hill top over looking the city. It was the most impressive cathedral I have ever seen, the interior was so detailed that it made my brain hurt!


After seeing the cathedral I headed down into Lyon city, on my way I stumbled into the Minature Museum of Cinema. As I am very interested in all things cinema and theatre I decided 9 euros was a very reasonable price to enter. There was an amazing collection of movie props and some entire sets off hollywood films. The famous mirror out of the matrix which Neo touches to be consumed into the real world, one of Mrs Doubtfires masks that Robbin Williams wore in the movie, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is traveling through Lyon and has an interest in movies. It is privately owned and the owner was walking around fixing light bulbs and maintaining the place himself which I thought was excellent.


See if you can guess the names of the actors and actresses in the photo below from the clay moulding of their faces.

There are amazing ancient Roman theatres set up on the hillside that are still in use today! When i was there they were setting up for some life shows to be performed. Tim Robbins, (the guy out of Shawshank) was playing there.


I spent a couple of days in Lyon, enjoying the sun sitting by the river, and walking through the streets. After close inspection of a map, I realized I wasnt all that far from Geneva. I decided to drive up to the border and spend the night there, I had heard Switzerland was expensive so I bought some groceries on the French side before heading over. I also had my cheapest spending just 2.50 euro at this time before buying up a bunch of food. It is amazing just how far you can stretch a euro when you want to. I realised that I am spending less money here in Europe than I did when traveling around Asia!


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