From Nha Trang to 5 miles out the back of no where

It has been a long while since our last update! I’m very sorry for that. We seem to have been blocked some how from accessing the site!!
Anyhow, our last update we were in a coastal town called Mue Ni, we spent 2 nights there before heading to a town in the mountains called Da Lat. It was such a nice place, very picturesque and very chilly. We spent 3 nights there, and went on a canyoning adventure, abseiling down waterfalls and we did a cliff jump from 11 meters into the base of a waterfall! Amazing experience and I would highly recommend it. We went through this company

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We met some really nice people on the canyoning tour. 2 of them hitched a ride with us to Nha Trang, which is a lovely beach town. It was good to have new faces around. We decided to sit our open water diving certificate in Nha Trang which took 4 days, and was a heap of fun! We spent our first day hitting the books, it was horrible and we had sit an exam at the end of it. Day 2 we spent in a pool getting familiar with the equipment and getting sunburnt, and the last 2 days we got to dive in Nha Trangs 4 top diving spots. Romy (our new friend) joined us to sit our certificate.

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We left the tourist spot and headed for a small town in the central highlands. Buon Ma Thuot, famous for growing coffee beans among other fruits and veggies. The roads there were nice, heavy rain meant we weren’t in any hurry.
Next day we headed to Pleiku, another town which also grew a lot of produce. We seemed to have things go wrong on the bikes every day after Nha Trang which didn’t help the situation. The ride there was something out of a nightmare. The roughest roads we have been on thus far, pot holes, gravel roads extremely dusty dirt roads and heavy rain, all in one day. On arrival to our destination our faces and our lungs were a few shades darker from the filth.
From Pleiku we headed to Kham Duc, a very small town 200km north of Pleiku but nice, we had a mechanic fix up our bikes once again, before heading to Hoi An the next day.

We have been in Hoi An 2 nights so far, it is a lovely old town where many people ride around on bicycles. The beach is amazing, and the old town looks stunning at night all lit up. Pictures to come!

Check out the gallery if you want to see all the destinations on a map

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