Ancient Angkor wat

After getting off the plane in Thailand it was a culture shock! I feel like Thailand is like my second home, I’m very comfortable there, but coming from the Philippines it was different! Bangkok is amazingly clean and new in comparison to Manila. Everything was like a well oiled machine. It was quite nice I must say.

I was only there for a day. Jimmy and Delano, the Dutch boys from El Nido joined me. It was good to see them again. We went out and found me a guitar on our first day there. I really want to travel with one now so I can actually practice! And possibly get better. I bought a small Thai made guitar. Nothing fancy but it should do the trick.

We also checked out MBK to see all the technology. It felt good to be in familiar places again. We got a $12 bus to Siem Reap in Cambodia from Bangkok which I thought was quite reasonable. 

We met some really nice people at the boarder on our way through. It is always nice to meet fellow travellers.

We got to Siem Reap quite late in the day and checked into a nice. $5 each room. The next day we were off to see the amazing Angkor Wat for sunrise.

Little did we know we would be joining the rest of the tourists in the country. It was nice to see it so early. The ancient temples look majestic in the morning light.







There were several different temples in the area that we went to. Each slightly unique from the other.




I made a little friend there too!


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